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The B.A.M. V2

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Product Description

The B.A.M.  V2 is here, and in a beautiful  finish!

The BAM is a 510 fitted big battery mod specially designed for use with an IMR26650 battery, or with the Kick module by evolv and a 25500 battery. Included with the BAM is an adapter ring that the Kick can be interested into for use with a 25500 battery. So you have the option of the large IMR26650 battery or a Kicked 25500 battery! The kick must be used with a 25500 or 26500 battery.

The BAM is elegantly designed with a scallop pattern grip that allows the seam to disappear when the BAM is fully assembled. Included with the BAM as an additional safety feature is a resetable fuse in line with the button.  If a dead short was to happen at the atomizer, the fuse will trip until the battery is removed from the device. The top is slightly concave to capture any liquid that may leak out of the atomizer. This concave top allows the 510 fitting to be slightly recessed to allow for re-uptake of any liquid that has leaked. Because of the anodizing process, each BAM is unique and has some slight variation in the coloring.

VERY IMPORTANT: The BAM was created and released before sub ohm coils were around. The BAM has a 4.7amp auto resetting fuse since its not a true mechanical. So a fully charged battery at 4.2volts,  you'll be able to go as low as a .9ohm coil which is 4.6amps. Please DO NOT use the BAM for sub-ohm usage as it will shut down and not work properly. 

The BAM is approximatly 4.5in tall and 1.5in wide.

DO NOT use unprotected batteries!
DO NOT stack batteries!

Only a single battery should be used with the BAM. The user of this device should never stack smaller cell batteries into the BAM.

Included with the BAM:

  • 1x BAM
  • 1x Kick module adapter sleeve
  • 1x 18xxx size battery sleeve 


 This product is for advanced users only!  Please only use this product if you have great knowledge of the device and how to use it.  Use at your own risk!

Product Reviews

  1. Are you kidding me.

    Posted by Robin on 1st Dec 2014

    The Kayfun of tube Mods. By far the most sexiest tube mod anywhere. Of course I got the red one. Can't wait for some red 26650 Atties to compliment this beast. I can barely wait for version 3. Hint full 26650 with kick. Only downfall is that I will be the saddest person for the next 24 days. I can't touch it anymore until then. :(.

  2. It is cliche to even say it is a cliche

    Posted by Frederick Finizzi on 3rd Dec 2013

    To say what can I say that has not been said already? To even call that cliché is cliché.
    Big Bad Beautiful. This is the first 26 size battery series that I have purchased and have been chain vaping for 3 days(today being the third actually) I even have a silencer on it and it still is going strong. I did a ton of research and I wanted a 26 series with a good switch ability to kick or crown it and there really is no better choice. Helix? yeah go find one....go find one for sale...go find one for sale for less than $500.00. I am 100% pleased. This thing is tough to as I did drop it a few times. It is a man's Mod! I love big mods. Save the joke I have heard them all. There is nothing to complain about. BAM!

  3. My Favorite MOD

    Posted by CraigW on 3rd Oct 2013

    Once the BAM V2 was in stock, it only took a few days for it to arrive after ordering. First of all, customer service is great, the first BAM V2 arrived DOA, obviously an assembly issue because it had a direct short. Misty handled the inconvenience perfectly: Vaporcast immediately sent out another unit with a prepaid mailer for the dysfunctional unit, again only taking a couple of days for delivery.

    Now that I have a working BAM V2 and a week of non-stop use under my belt, I have to say, it’s one of my favorite mods, and have lots of them to compare (Provari, SB, Omega, Lazer Touch, Reo, V3, Buzz Pro and more). No misfires, great battery life and very versatile. If you like the durability of Silver Bullets, you’ll love the BAM V2. The switch on the BAM V2 is bullet proof, same switch used on the SB.

    The only comparable units to the BAM that uses a 26650 is a Bombshell and Helix. The Bombshell has a crappy switch and the vendor knows it. In addition, the vendor does not seem to be carrying new caps with switches at $20 a pop. I destroyed three caps in less than 6-months. Now that I have a BAM my Bombshell is going in the trash. I don’t usually throw vendors under the bus, it’s a small community, but in the case of the Bombshell I’m making an exception. I cannot speak for the Helix, because they’re never in stock.

    Versatility of the BAM V2 is great. It can be used with or without a Kick and you can use 18650s or 18490s. The appearance is very clean, the threads are smooth, no lubrication at this point is needed and the switch is effortless. Tanks, 510s, RBAs, Genesis, Kanger Pro all work on the BAM. It’s a great mod. The only suggestion I have is to add a kill switch: To transport, either remove the atomizer or pull the battery because the slightest depression of the switch fires the device. It’s too big to carry in a pocket anyway and the kill switch is a very minor gripe.

    There’s no doubt in my mind, this device will be the only Mod I need for my 26650s and 25500s batteries. I’m very pleased with Vaporcast and my BAM V2.

  4. Amazing! I love it

    Posted by Mike on 21st Aug 2013

    I started vaping about 2 months ago and the B.A.M. was my third mechanical mod. It is by far my favorite. I would like to run it kicked but I have to wait on the 25500 batteries from China. Its finish is immaculate and is completely replaces the feel of holding my favorite large cigars. I would recommend it to anyone who is not concerned about using a large mod.

  5. needs a extention sleve

    Posted by pendragon on 20th Aug 2013

    everything is great on this mod but....it needs an extension sleve to use the kick on the larger batteries, 26650, 18650 etc. then it would be complete, 100 stars!!!!

  6. 5 month update

    Posted by eddy quebec canada on 2nd Jun 2013

    well,still very happy with my mod ,every ecig store owner wants to see it when i buy juice.....lol works very well with a 26500 and a kick ,and with a 26650 also ,the finish has not failed me,,and i bring it to work everyday,
    and dropped it a few times ,and its still beautifull.

  7. Built nice but

    Posted by Bun9687 on 20th Feb 2013

    This device is built really well button is great but the only downfall I have noticed is when u have the kick installed with a 25500 from this site with a 3 ohm boge carto it wont fire turn the kick down same thing and yes both batts are at full charge and with a LR carto won't fire unless under 6 watts but with my AW IMR 18500s no problems at all so no good 25500 the only reason I spent the money on this device it's a great 3.7 mod not a big batt with a kick

  8. great mod for my big hands

    Posted by Eddy on 27th Jan 2013

    well made,nice finish,switch is smooth and easy
    very happy ,4stars cuz the last threads are rough but will eventually smooth out i hope, should have been checked be4 delivery.

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